Monday, July 27, 2009

Maple Pet Bowls

Here is the first try at making pet food bowls from wood. These are being left completely unfinished and sanded to 150 only.
I have tried to keep the design completely practical making them hard to upset. Because they are from solid hard maple they are quite heavy.
Baby food bowls? A mother once asked me wether I knew of a source for wood (not plastic) bowls and plates for serving food to babies. She said that there were quite a few mums out there who might be interested since they did not want to use plastic. China being breakable is not always suitable for babies and stainless steel has that "metalic feel" which is not pleasant. So maybe this can be a new trend - feed your kids from dog food bowls. Sounds crass but could be eminently practical.
Time spent on these is not great but I still need to get $15 out of them and after the merchants take their percent the price tends to go a bit high if I have to sell through a store or gallery. Since these are going to enhance the Kingston Woodturners coffers I do not feel too bad about selling through them.
I am making these for the Kingston Woodturners booth which will be demonstrating woodturning at the Kingston Sheepdog trials being held at Grass Creek conservation area on the 7th to 9th of August this year. Should be a good show as it will be featuring the lumberjacks and jills competitions too. The Kingston Woodturners will be demonstrating the lathe and selling members goods.
Come one come all!

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