Sunday, November 8, 2009

John and Nelson visit John Jordan in Ottawa

This is the maple blank he started with.
Lionel enjoying the joke. A man and a platypus walk in to a bar...
Looks a bit like the cross section of a blurry eyeball John.
"I'm not looking but I hope this is not in lieu of the cheque"

November 8 I went to Ottawa with Nelson and we took in a demonstration by John Jordan.
The Valley Woodturners made us feel very much at home as we were both greeted warmly. Nelson said that he was most impressed because people actually talked to him as if he knew something about the topic. Thanks to the folks at Valley Woodturners and John Jordan we both thoroughly enjoyed the presentation, and the pizza was pretty good too.

John started with a slide show of inspirational material plus a selection of some of his work.
This was followed by a lathe demonstration on making a hollow form. Watching the outside take shape was good but since one cannot see what is happening inside it was only thanks to John's informative banter that no-one went to sleep for this process (I don't think anyway)
Some quotes, hopefully mostly correct but I paraphrase liberally so...
"Accomplished turners seem to pull creative ideas out of their pockets - they have spent a lifetime filling their pockets with those ideas"
"ALL problems in woodturning are directly related to the sharpness of the tool"
"Spend as much time as you need to"
"Answer to everything - A sharp tool and finesse"
"Stop the lathe to check on progress. You can't screw it up with the lathe turned off."
"Polish the tool rest"
Finishing: Use spray acrylic from Krylon. Easy fast finish.

The finished hollow form made in Ottawa

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