Friday, April 30, 2010

Building a Woodturning Studio

When I returned from my trip to the UK I had to tidy up the remains of the lumbering operations which had made quite a mess of the yard. I had felled 5 large spruce trees which had been taken to the mill and sawn into construction lumber. 2 X 6's mainly. As it turned out I am not allowed to use this lumber as it has not been stamped approved for construction. It may have been usable in the country out of sight of building inspectors but my home is in the city of Kingston. So I will end up using the lumber for interior walls and shelving.

The digger moves in. The foundation hole was dug to a depth of 3 feet to get below the frost line. I will add another foot of fill around the wall to get to the 4 feet below grade which is called for.

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