Thursday, June 24, 2010

Installed a Skylight

This picture is of the skylight with one piece of plywood installed in the well.
Well I got a little help to install a skylight right over the "lathe nook". Does it ever make a difference! Very nice and bright down there now.
I purchased a discontinued model skylight from Home Depot for $50. Also got some sticky one side tar film by Velux. I laid down the film around the opening, applied a bead of roof mastic and set the skylight onto the mastic. Then screwed it down with 1 1/2 #8 deck screws. The skylight was the type that needed no additional flashing but I still applied a layer of the velux film over the edge of the skylight to ensure a waterproof installation.
Certainly no leaks so far and we have had quite a lot of rain since I put it in on Tuesday morning. The worst part of the job was removing the shingles but fortunately the roof is pretty new and the shingles had not set together all that hard.

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