Saturday, May 28, 2011

More On Graeme Priddle in Kingston

Just some shots and comments about the demonstration evening.
Before the crowd arrived members of the Kingstonwoodturners executive and Graeme sat down to a nice dinner which Janet had been kind enough to prepare for us. With comfy surroundings it was nice to see Graeme get a chance to unwind a little before the evenings demonstration.
He talked about the safety issue around woodturning and stressed that one has to think safe rather than stress safety equipment. There have been three deaths recently all attributed to woodturning and all the turners had on the appropriate safety gear.
Remember to stand aside when you start that lathe!

Here he is. Ride em cowboy! (Actually he is a sailor. Do they windsurf down in NZ?)

Show a tool to some people and you have their attention.

Just a nice shot of a very personable guy.

Here is a view of the shop. I was worried that we would not have enough room but since we had a relatively small audience (17) all went very well.

This is Graeme in his "carving position". He reckons he uses the lathe to shape 10% and hand carves the rest.
Thanks for a brilliant evening Graeme.

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