Saturday, July 3, 2010

Compost Bin Visitor

Here is another look at the visitor to our composter. It appears to be an opossum.
Now it should be noted that opossums are not normally found in this climate - another sign of global warming? This little guy does not look very happy but at least it should be well fed as the food scraps are all gone. And of course it does not have to worry about the winter for a while yet.
Yesterday was a great windsurfing day so not much got done. Then today I awoke with a sore wrist from a previous injury - fell off my home built skateboard - so my wrist has never fully recovered. But drywall mudding is hard on the wrist so I am somewhat frustrated that I cannot do the type of job I would like to do because the wrist just does not want to work well. Of course the windsurf did not do much to help heal the wrist either. I am treating the wrist injury with Emu oil. Check it out, I am amazed at how well it works. Seems to go right through the skin and lubricates the joint.

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