Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Magnolia Scale Treatment Experiment

John from Arbrecare Kingston came by to treat our Magnolia tree for scale.

He used these vials that are spring loaded and injected this insecticide - organic - into the tree. It is very expensive and made for Emerald Ash borer but hopefully it will work on this "scale" which is like an aphid which protects itself by forming a grey scale over itself. It leaks honeydew all over the place including the leaves which then attract bees and wasps and flies, and makes a real mess of anything under the tree. It also feeds a black mould which discolours what it forms on.

This is the insecticide.

The picture above shows the plastic inserts which are wedged into holes drilled in the tree.

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  1. Just to note that this expensive treatment was ineffective for Magnolia scale.
    July 2011