Saturday, October 10, 2009


This is where it all starts. I am working out a new table design. Making the leg attachment point a bit bigger to accommodate the biscuit joiner. And playing with the pedestal design to avoid the "too thick" for the size of the table look.
I also have a different leg design which has a concave curve rather than the convex curve that I used on the last table. (See previous posts) However the concave leg will require a different style of pedestal too as it is more of a Georgian design I think. I will have to look up some furniture design books to further my education about these table designs.
More research is required.

Monday, October 5, 2009


Finished three "pipes" in oriental elm today. The tallest one is about 18 inches. The tops are carved to follow the grain of the wood. They were turned green and allowed to move as much as they liked, which they did.
I posted some of these in an earlier blog post which explains a bit about the process of making these. They are fun to do but I always worry about making too much of a particular item as I do not want to be "stuck" with an armload of woodturnings. My house is already creaking at the seams with stored wood never mind stored turnings.

All Growed Up

Here you see the grown up frog in a pond in my garden. The pump has been shut off and the water can get quite warm in the sun. This frog seems to like that. The frogs are looking for winter hideaways and I have seen a few in the garden. One was quite large and I suspect probably a three year old leopard frog. This one is smaller and probably from last years crop of tadpoles.
For information on raising tadpoles I have an early post on that with an incorrect picture but the info is still good.