Monday, November 29, 2010

Metal Spinning Demonstration at the Kingston Woodturners

Photo above shows Dave mounting a copper disk on the lathe. The copper is from some sheet copper that was part of my house roof. Dave has annealed the copper by heating it cherry red with a propane torch before mounting it. It is clamped between the wood form on the headstock and a small wood plug against the live center in the tailstock.

Here you can see Dave leaning in to apply pressure on the copper. As the tool moves to the outside the speed of the lathe must be increased. The tip of the tool is held below center.

Here one can see the copper disk taking shape.

The disk was a little larger than the form so the upper edge was not held against the form hence the ripples in the form. This needs soaking in a water, vinegar and salt mixture to remove the oxide coating.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Christmas Craft Sale at RMC

Had some of my woodturnings at the annual Christmas Craft Sale at the RMC gymnasium this past weekend.
Sold many small items but NO big bowls. Customers seemed scared off by anything over $20. Good thing I made a pile of tops and little boxes before the sale. Will have to remember that for next year. However one can never tell as I sold a few larger items last year at the same sale.

At least the club was not out of pocket and made enough to cover the costs for the booth.

Bur cucumber mature

Earlier I had posted some pictures of the prolific bur cucumber as it spread its vines on the farm. Here are some mature seed pods to help identify this pernicious pest.